15 Best Places for a First Kiss

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

What are the Best Places for a First Kiss?
This article is for you if you fall in one of the categories below...
a. You are in your teens and you are going to kiss someone for the first time in your life ever.
b. You have been seeing somebody and you are looking forward to kissing that person for the first time in your relationship.

In either case, every first kiss has the potential to leave back an impression of yourself that your partner carries back home with them. If done well, it speaks volumes about you than just a “good kisser” image. Done badly, you probably might even lose the attraction your sweetie has towards you.

So, to ensure that you do come across as a good kisser, you need to first be calm, composed and comfortable with the surroundings around you. Generally crowded places with too many on-lookers can make you conscious and ultimately turn you into a not-that-great-a-kisser even if you are an awesome kisser!

It is wise to play a safe bet since your first kiss sets the tone of the physical compatibility between you two. A place that is either private or not too crowded is generally a good option. Here are a few suggestions below...

Best Places for a First Kiss
-- Next to a fountain in a garden

-- At a party with dim lights when you both are dancing

-- On the dance floor at a night club

-- After a romantic dinner in the parking lot or at the doorstep of the girl’s house

-- During a sunset walk on a beach

-- On a deck by the lake

-- In the woods

-- In the midst of a nature trail

-- During a movie or a game whilst the audience is lost in the entertainment

-- Late after class hours around the corner in the hallway

-- By a camp fire

-- In the giant wheel at a fair

-- At a deserted stage in a theater after a play

-- If it is raining or snowing, then anywhere outdoors

-- In the balcony of your house or the terrace of your building under the night sky

Just control your hormones to not turn your first kiss into a make out session. Keep that for later. In fact, restricting yourself after your first kiss will absolutely turn on the heat for the next time.

Leave back some comments about your first kiss or post suggestions to add to the Best Places for a First Kiss.

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Eugene said...

You can't imagine how much you have simplified my life. I am going out at the end of this month on a date and I was totally running out of ideas. We've done all the standard places and I was looking for something interesting, something new where I could kiss this girl. I have so many options now. Thank U!

Susan said...

Why didn't I ever think of these places before? Aren't some of these just so obvious.. Awesome list compiled here! Even your 21 Most Romantic Places to Kiss is a great compilation of some really amazing and romantic places. Keep going!

Dustin said...

I think I am taking this girl clubbing this Saturday night and thats where I am gonna kiss her I guess. Hopefully a few drinks help too!! But what a great list of ideas.. Here are some 21 more ideas for the people who haven't yet read
21 Romantic Kissing Places

annabell knuckey said...

The ideas were really cute, and I think I like the sound of a forest or nature trail kiss with my bf, since I was looking for some romantic ideas. Not my first with him of course, but it's always nice.

The main reason I commented though:

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