How to be a Good Kisser

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

Can being a good kisser heighten your chances of having fireworks in your future relationship? Well, it definitely is not the only factor! But it surely does set the mood right for the journey further! Fireworks or silence, soaring mercury or falling temperatures... A kiss definitely does set the mood!

So what makes a good kisser? Simply, a good kisser just avoids the stupidest mistakes that bad kissers make. Period! Just following these 10 tips and warnings below, will not just set you apart from the bad kissers’ category. It will enhance your persona to that of an irresistible and an unforgettable kisser!

1. Knocking Noses & Knocking Teeth as You Kiss
When you lean in to kiss, tilt your face if you are the one taking the lead. Just glance slightly to align your lips with your partner’s before you close your eyes. Another mistake that some people make is when they are either inexperienced or nervous – That is knocking your teeth. The best is to just laugh about it and continue kissing without getting embarrassed.

2. Dry & Chapped Lips - Not Kiss Worthy!
Lips that aren’t in order are just not juicy enough to be desirous. Use a chap stick or Vaseline often to keep your lips soft, smooth and kissable if you don’t want your partner to be turned off. This is something you can’t afford to do on the day of your date, so make it a habit to keep your lips lovable!

3. Bad Dental & Oral Hygiene while Kissing
If you really want to up your kissing quotient, you just can’t afford to have bad oral hygiene and a stinking mouth! Garlic, fish, alcohol, cigarettes, onions and other such stuff ruin your breath completely. Drink water, chew a gum, have a mint or if possible then brush your teeth. Make sure you offer your partner some mint or gum too so that you can perform your best!

4. Biting Lips too Hard too Long
When you add one kiss after the other, it’s a great idea to bite your partner’s lower lip "softly" as you part. Most bad kissers make the mistake of getting lost in the momentum and cling onto their partner’s lip too long. Little do they imagine that it’s frustrating, not enjoyable for the other person. Obviously after such pain, you can’t expect the rhythm of kissing to continue and it ends on an unpleasant note.

5. Sucking Blunders in Kissing Business
There are two major blunders a bad kisser makes when it comes to sucking
a. Stationary Sucking
When you kiss, you are suppose to move slowly from performing one action to another and then another. You are supposed to use your lips and your tongue and your hands! A typical blunder is standing stationary and sealing your partner’s lips as if you have clamped them and you leave your partner gasping for breath.

b. Tongue Sucking
In the moment of kissing, there arises an urge to suck your partner’s tongue. Slurping or sucking on your partner’s tongue is meant to be for a fractional second, not more. It might seem exciting to you, but makes your partner uncomfortable. The idea isn’t to refrain from sucking, but to cut off within a second.

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Adam said...

I actually do make some of these mistakes that you've mentioned here. I hadn't once I realized where I was screwing up while kissing. But thanks... and for the other people reading this, do check out Cristina's next post too -- The 5 More Blunders

Terry said...

I think the knocking of teeth while kissing is a really cute thing to happen when you are teenagers. If I am correct then most people do that when they are kissing for the first time in their lives. Its something to cherish than be embarrassed about. Just a personal opinion

Fiona said...

I really wanted to skip reading this first because I thought that just having a good breath and kissing passionately is all that one really needs to be a good kisser. Cristina this is a really fantastic article here and you've come up with great points to help understand better the idea of good kissing

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