21 Most Romantic Places to Kiss -2

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

A kiss planted at the right moment and at the right place can ignite an amazing passion between two individuals. Choosing the right place and the right moment can multiply your romance by a million and draw your sweetheart closer to you than just kissing behind closed doors… So lean in and find out the most romantic places to kiss that special someone!

This is part 2/3. If you missed the other parts, you can find them below:

9. By a Bonfire
Your bodies warm up and the scene doesn’t get steamier than this… Try to remember the warmth you felt next to a bonfire last time and imagine being there with your sweetie.

10. In a cafe by the lake or river
The cafĂ© is filled with people, yet you are so lost by the mesmerizing company of your lover and kiss as if nobody exists. Try that sometime, don’t get conscious …

11. In a glass elevator
The backdrop of a beautiful city with the shining sun or the evening lights makes you feel like rising high into the clouds! Can you picture that?

12. In the backseat of a car
This can sure lead to much more than just kissing passionately. It depends on how adventurous you can get! If you get a chance next time, be careful, but do unleash your fantasies!

13. On a roller coaster ride or a giant wheel
The height, the speed, the curves, going in circles, clinging onto each other, the weightless feeling… And a kiss to still say “I love you!”

14. During a forest trail or in the woods
Perfect for getting as naughty as you can! Let those ideas come in…

15. On the porch under at a starry sky
Cuddle up in a nice rocking chair under a blanket and make out. Aren’t you really loving this? I am quite sure you are gonna pounce on him/her after reading this, right?

16. In a cable car
Hanging in mid air with the world below you as the cable car wobbles… Just make sure you don’t move too much!!

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Aren’t you so waiting to kiss your sweetheart right at this moment? These are so definitely the most romantic places to kiss and I am sure you do agree! Hope to hear your experiences about your most romantic kisses in the comments below…

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Anonymous said...

I've always felt these places seem great on screen. But Cristina's article here has made me really give it a second thought. Its time I guess to experiment with something new!

Harriet said...

Thanks Cristina for all these ideas. Good stuff!

Simone said...

I can't kiss in public and I don't think its a good thing to do so. But maybe in Australia where you come from it is okay to do so. Not in my country (India)

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