American Sex Life - 11

Compiled by: Cohen Jenkins
Place: Yonkers, New York

Here are some interesting facts and survey results about the American sex life, American couples and the American lifestyle. The data has been collected from various reliable sources like state universities, condom companies, government census, etc. You might be surprised at certain results depending on where you come from, your social background and other such factors that influence your lifestyle. However, the picture painted here is that of the entire population and therefore reflects statistics that may seem relatively skewed to one particular group.

It would be interesting for you to find out how your sex life stands up against these figures as an individual or as a couple, irrespective of your nationality, ethnicity and other such allegiances.

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American Sex Life - Part 11

39. Have you ever slept with someone for professional gain?
Most of America believes in strong work ethics it seems. And probably it is talent and capability that is more respected in the American society.

Only 9% men and 4% women nodded yes when they were asked if they ever slept with someone for a job or for a promotion!

40. Which body part do you find most attractive?
The question was posed to both men as well as women. Everybody seems to have quite a few different parts of the body that turn them on... Some even find attitude and intelligence more attractive than physical features... So, there is no one body part that emerges as a clear winner!

Toned Body -- 13%

Breasts/Chest -- 8%

Bottoms -- 8%

Legs -- 3%

Smile -- 8%

Eyes -- 16%

Face -- 11%

Sense of Humor/Intelligence -- 14%

Attitude -- 14%

Other -- 5%

41. Would you ever like to try having sex on a plane? Or have you ever done it in your lifetime?
Surprisingly high and adventurous numbers!

42% men and 35% women have either already tried to have sex on a plane or are quite willing to try it out! The mile high club is growing bigger it seems!

You are currently on the page displaying Part 11 of the American Sex Life. Use the links below to jump to other parts.

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