American Sex Life - 2

Compiled by: Cohen Jenkins
Place: Yonkers, New York

This survey about American couples is continued from here... A complete entertainer of a survey which has growing curiosity through the country, it brings to you some amazing and some shocking revelations as compiled by Cohen Jenkins from Yonkers city, New York!

It might be interesting for you to find out where you stand as an American individual or as an American couple! If you aren't American, just figure out how your lifestyle is placed relatively! Read on below...

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American Sex Life - Part 2

9. Are American couples adventurous when it comes to trying out different places, experimenting, etc.
Ans: A large part of America is an open-minded society willing to experiment.
-- Cars:
Almost close to half of the active population has done it in a car. This happens to be the second most loved place among Americans after their bedrooms.

-- At Work:
1 out of every 5 working Americans has had an encounter at his/her place of work

-- The Woods:
Almost 30% have done it in the woods

-- Public Parks:
Public Parks 30% have tried risking it at public parks

-- During Travel:
A little under 5% have tried trains and airplanes

-- Places of Education & Worship:
Then there are those who dared to break rules:
8% have gone ahead with it at places of education
3% at places of worship

-- Beaches:
23% people have found secluded beaches for their excitement

-- Hot Tubs:
22% Americans resorted to hot-tubs for raising the temperature

10. Are American couples adventurous when it comes to trying out exciting indulgences?
Ans: Statistically, it is the Europeans who lead in this race. But the American population isn’t quite far behind!
-- Blindfold:
4 out of every 10 Americans have done this!

-- Roleplaying:
Only 2-3 out of 10 have tried this... Does it mean lack of creative thinking?

-- Dressing up:
About 23% dress up for the occasion to turn on the heat!

-- Watching explicit content:
This might seem surprisingly low, but only about 50% of the couples actually watch any kind of content as a foreplay activity!

-- Photographing and recording videos:
And here the celebrities are inspiring more and more people to record their own couple videos and photograph themselves. About 1/3rd of the population now does this!

-- Spanking:
Thanks to the dirty internet movies, close to about 50% of the population have adopted this move in their game!

-- Using toys:
Toys aren’t as popular as you might have thought they were! Maybe they are just advertised about all over the internet, but the buyers are only 25% of the active population!

11. How many Americans have Fantasies? What are they?
Ans: The American media, Hollywood movies and Primetime television have literally drilled fantasies into the life of the American. At least close to 90 percent of the population has some sort of a fantasy. Most of the others who don’t are simply not willing to admit it. Here are some of the most interesting stats:
-- Cheating: 30%
This includes various people outside their relationship – platonic friends, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, partners of their friends, co-workers, etc.

-- Threesome: 21%
Most common fantasy among single men

-- Doing it at place of work: 10%
The funnier thing is that about 20% have actually gone ahead and done it irrespective of the fact whether they fantasized about it or not!

-- Men’s fantasies seem to be more dominant in nature while women wish to play a more passive role.

-- About 51% American couples openly discuss about their fantasies with each other.

Who do they fantasize about?
a. Celebrities: 31.7%

b. Ex-partners: 34.4%

c. Friends: 37.3%

d. Acquaintances: 35.1%

e. Co-workers: 19.4%

12. How comfortable are Americans with Oral?
Ans: By the age of 25, almost 80% men and about 75% women have received oral from their partners. However, before the age of 25, the stats are actually reversed with about 70% women and 65% men having received oral from their partners.

13. Do Americans indulge in pleasuring each other?... Mutually I mean!
Ans: First of all, let us understand how many of them indulge in pleasuring themselves when they are alone.
So the stats stand as below:
Age: 14-17 years
Men: 75%
Women: 45%

Age: 18-24 years
Men: 80%
Women: 65%

Age: 25-30 years
Men: 85%
Women: 73%

As compared to this, the stats seem relatively way lower when it comes to carrying out the act of pleasuring with a partner. The partner can also be of the same gender in these percentages mentioned below.
Age: 14-17 years
Men: 18%
Women: 20%

Age: 18-24 years
Men: 45%
Women: 38%

Age: 25-30 years
Men: 50%
Women: 50%

14. What are the favorite playing styles for American couples?
Ans: In sequence from the top favorite to the least, here's the list
-- Man Over
This one still remains at the top of the charts! It is also pretty common around the world!

-- Woman Over
Well, the society is male-dominated and funnily even in this respect. However this style is soon becoming a favorite because it helps them last longer!

-- From Behind
This one's risen after the growth of the internet. Almost 30% men and 26% women have their thumbs up for this one!

-- Reverse Style
Merely 8% of the guys and 3% of the girls said they would enjoy this style as opposed to the other ones!

-- Sideways & Standing Style
These are the least favorite. This is primarily because most Americans are non-athletic and this style requires some serious effort! However, world over too, these styles are the least popular!

15. How many Americans climax regularly?
Ans: 85% American men and 65% American women
The world average stands at 64% & 30% respectively.
So, there is a huge leap beyond the average statistics that the world has! In fact, in case of American women, the figures are more than double of the world average! Wow!

16. What is the number of Americans who have Extramarital Encounters?
Ans: About 35% American men and 26% American women have engaged in extramarital encounters at least once during their marriage. The numbers might seem pleasingly low to some of us reading this! But a highly conservative and church-going America also exists, which seems to be on its best behavior during its married life!

17. How many American couples are Satisfied with their Sex Lives?
Ans: There seem to be different grades of satisfaction and it was a good idea to ask some questions to get a better understanding…
-- Enjoyed it a great deal: 70%

-- Very satisfied: 50%

-- Found it very exciting: 36%

-- Traditional & conservative view: 55%

-- Are adventurous: 42%

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