American Sex Life - 9

Compiled by: Cohen Jenkins
Place: Yonkers, New York

Here are some interesting facts and survey results about the American sex life, American couples and the American lifestyle. The data has been collected from various reliable sources like state universities, condom companies, government census, etc. You might be surprised at certain results depending on where you come from, your social background and other such factors that influence your lifestyle. However, the picture painted here is that of the entire population and therefore reflects statistics that may seem relatively skewed to one particular group.

It would be interesting for you to find out how your sex life stands up against these figures as an individual or as a couple, irrespective of your nationality, ethnicity and other such allegiances.

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American Sex Life - Part 9

33. Trying to understand the frequency of sex that Americans have, a survey asked some groups how often they've had sex in the past few months?
It turns out that about one-third of the population has sex 1-2 times a week and then there are about 4% of the people who did it more than once a day too! Sadly about 17% did have a dry season...

1-2 times a week -- 33%

1-3 times a month -- 22%

3-4 times a week -- 19%

Seldom/Never -- 17%

5-6 times a week -- 5%

More than once a day -- 4%

34. Why do some American women fake an orgasm?
The reasons are actually so many apart from the most common ones like "pleasing your partner".

To please him -- 26%

To wrap up/hurry up -- 22%

To not hurt his feelings -- 10%

Tiredness -- 9%

Unsatisfying Sex -- 8%

Boredom -- 3%

Not in the mood -- 2%

Inexperience -- 2%

Just felt like it -- 1%

Other reasons -- 4%

No opinion -- 13%

35. In terms of sexual satisfaction, how does America stand a
The sexual satisfaction of countries in terms of percentage of population reporting satisfaction in their sex lives was being measured. Nigeria tops the list of the top ten most sexually satisfied nations with the US and Canada coming in at the bottom positions.


Nigeria -- 67%

Mexico -- 63%

India -- 61%

Poland -- 54%

Greece -- 51%

Holland -- 50%

South Africa -- 50%

Spain -- 49%

United States -- 48%

Canada -- 48%

You are currently on the page displaying Part 9 of the American Sex Life. Use the links below to jump to other parts.

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