American Sex Life - 8

Compiled by: Cohen Jenkins
Place: Yonkers, New York

Here are some interesting facts and survey results about the American sex life, American couples and the American lifestyle. The data has been collected from various reliable sources like state universities, condom companies, government census, etc. You might be surprised at certain results depending on where you come from, your social background and other such factors that influence your lifestyle. However, the picture painted here is that of the entire population and therefore reflects statistics that may seem relatively skewed to one particular group.

It would be interesting for you to find out how your sex life stands up against these figures as an individual or as a couple, irrespective of your nationality, ethnicity and other such allegiances.

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American Sex Life - Part 8

28. What is the percentage of American public that extends support for gay marriages in America?
Almost an equal number of Americans support and oppose gay marriages.

Support for Gay Marriages: 45%
Against Gay Marriages: 46%
Neutral Opinion: 9%

29. As per different age groups in America, how does the support for gay marriages stand?
The support for gay marriages falls among the American public from the younger generation to the older.

Age Group: 18-44 Years
Supporting Gay Marriages: 64%

Age Group: 45-64 Years
Supporting Gay Marriages: 46%

Age Group: 65-82 Years
Supporting Gay Marriages: 37%

Age Group: 83+ Years
Supporting Gay Marriages: 32%

30. Among people having different social and political views, how many view Gay Marriages as an acceptable norm for the American Society?
So we basically consider 3 political views:
Liberals, Moderates, Conservatives... and you can imagine how the trend would be!

Liberals -- 66%

Moderates -- 54%

Conservatives -- 26%

31. What do the politicians have to say about Gay Marriages?
Here we divide the politicians as:
Democrats, Republicans, Independents

Support from Democrats -- 57%

Support from Republicans -- 51%

Support from Independents -- 23%

32. And finally lets find out from people who have different religious affiliations...
People who are religiously unaffiliated seem to be the most open to the idea of Gay Marriages as compared to people who have some sort of religious affiliations.

So here are the percentages of support for Gay Weddings from different religious groups...
Religiously Unaffiliated -- 66%

Catholics -- 54%

White Mainline Protestants -- 53%

Black Protestants -- 32%

White Evangelical Protestants -- 12%

You are currently on the page displaying Part 8 of the American Sex Life. Use the links below to jump to other parts.

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