Best Places to Flirt

E-Guide by: Melinda Cox
Place: Miami, USA

Which are the Best Places to Flirt?
Flirting will only move further if you choose wisely the right places to flirt. Choosing to flirt at inappropriate places will only bring you embarrassment and tarnish your confidence. Your motive must be to be at the most conducive places as much as you can if you want to flirt with somebody and expect them to reciprocate in a way that will please you.

# 1 Best Place to Flirt
Social Gatherings and Parties
Parties and gatherings top the list of the best places to flirt. At these occasions, everyone tries to look their best – for the obvious reason that they want attention from the opposite sex. Therefore, flirtatious behaviour is accepted as well as expected!

# 2 Best Place to Flirt
Schools, Colleges, Universities
In general, any place of learning attracts a large number of single people – everyone having a large number of common interests that too! The informal environment at these places makes approaching someone rather easy.

# 3 Best Place to Flirt
Gyms, Hobby Classes & Sports Training
These are places where people invest quality time to bring out the best in them. Definitely in such a case, everyone would love a bit of admiration. Probably you could expect them to reciprocate in the same manner too.

# 4 Best Place to Flirt
Supermarkets, Shopping Malls & Bookstores
If you see someone shopping leisurely at supermarkets and malls or browsing through books solitarily in a bookstore, there are good chances that these people may be single. However, it will take you some effort to strike up a conversation to see how they respond and gauge if they are even mildly attracted to you.

# 5 Best Place to Flirt
Bars, Nightclubs, Discos & Pubs
The casual and laid back attitude of people at these places gives you a chance to flirt with total strangers without seeming that you are intruding their space. However, you obviously have to take your call when someone is flirting with you under the influence of alcohol.

# 6 Best Place to Flirt
Your place of work should not be viewed in the same degree as the other mentioned places suitable for flirting. Such behaviour may be unacceptable etiquette and may even cost you your reputation, especially if you are male. Having said that, certain places like the cafeteria, food court, coffee machine, lounging area and activity rooms are safe enough to try out your flirting skills.

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