Daughter's Boyfriend is Mine

Secret by: Lauren
Place: Toronto, Canada

My daughter Callie is 18 years old and I am 36. I am fooling around with her boyfriend.

I have made some major mistakes in life. I got pregnant at 18 and married at 21. Then I broke up with my boyfriend 2 years later and now am bringing up my teenager on my own.

At 16, Callie had a boyfriend named Ralph. I couldn't help keeping Callie away from the guy because I knew she would land up with him either way. Ralph comes home and spends time with us often. He is really mature for his age, he is 19. He looks hot and is well built!

Once when Callie was not at home, Ralph came over and we had sex. This kept happening and now its become really difficult for us to stay off it. Ralph complains of Callie being too immature.

Callie suspects something is fishy but she thinks its too outrageous that her mom and boyfriend are getting intimate in her absence. I can't seem to confront her when she talks about problems she has with Ralph.

I have spoken to Ralph and asked him to either break up with Callie and go away or stay with her and stop with our fooling around sessions. Ralph's libido just won't let him stop and he persists we continue with our secret relationship. I am really stuck because I can't do that to my daughter on one hand. On the other, Ralph fills in the emptiness superbly and takes my mind off a lot of stress.

I am so stuck now that I don't know what to do! Ralph & Callie haven't had sex in a long time he says. I feel terrible that I am the cause of it... I really need help!

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Emmie said...

Is Courtney Cox's Cougar Town driving people nuts really?

Amy said...

Its high time you walked away from your daughter's personal life and her boyfriend! Are you out of your mind?

Alvina said...

Get a Life Lady... Live and let live!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask for a threesome, that will fix it....

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