Flirting Warnings

E-Guide by: Melinda Cox
Place: Miami, USA

What NOT to do while flirting?
Certain things need to be avoided while flirting just to make you a better flirt or to help you from falling into an undesirable circumstance. Before you start flirting, remember that you are just out there to have fun. It may or may not go as expected, nor does it carry any guarantee what it will lead to in future.

# 1 Flirting Warning
Take it with a pinch of salt
When you flirt with somebody, don’t take it too seriously! You are just being playful in the social setting. There may be a possible rejection, but don’t let that discourage you. Just move on and hop onto another person who will respond positively. This will heighten your chances of getting a flirting mate faster than wasting time over non-responsive

# 2 Flirting Warning
Prevent yourself from obvious chances of getting embarrassed
As described earlier, there are always certain places which are most conducive to flirting. Try to stick to mostly those places, unless some other exceptions that you deem fit for flirting. Choosing inappropriate social settings will bring you embarrassment and tarnish your social image too. Furthermore, avoid stalking anybody who is uninterested in flirting with you. Respect their choice and hop onto someone else.

# 3 Flirting Warning
Don’t be insulting or too outspoken
Never insult anyone or be arrogant to someone you are flirting with. You may choose to use humor that is acceptable to the person you are flirting with, but being cocky is a complete no-no! Also avoid being too outspoken about anything that’s on your mind. Unless you have developed some level of comfort after meeting the person a few times, choose your words correctly. For example, don’t start giving them tips on dressing or making comments about their friends or anything that might be personal.

# 4 Flirting Warning
Don’t talk about your past relationships
You are flirting with someone because you fancy them. It is utterly useless and disgusting to talk about your past love life because it is just not meant for that moment of flirting.

# 5 Flirting Warning
Avoid complaining or whining
Complaining won’t do you any damage as such, but it will just bore the person than excite them. You aren’t husband and wife to talk of daily woes. So let the firecrackers burst till (and if) you get married!

# 6 Flirting Warning
Leave when the excitement starts dying down
It is best to leave from the flirting floor as soon as you realize the moment is losing its charm. This way the person will remember that it was a ball of a time they had with you and have no memory of a boring instance. Plus, the one who moves out first is always the more desired one between the two.

# 7 Flirting Warning
Avoid uncomfortable sexual connotations
Cracking dirty jokes or talking about sexual stuff may not be desirable to someone unless they have reached a certain level of comfort with you. Avoid it to come across as a cheap personality. Rather you must choose light-hearted witty humor which is subconsciously a better turn on!

# 8 Flirting Warning
Don’t be too touchy feely right from the beginning
We are all human beings and we all want to do it! There’s no doubt about it! You have to be able to understand the intensity and mood of the moment before you make any physical advance. Guys acting too desperate get tagged as jerks and girls come across as sluts. So, be wise and stay alert!

# 9 Flirting Warning
Be aware of all consequences before getting intimate
This does not need much explanation. Just that you must hold back and not get carried away… Sometimes you are flirting just casually for fun and you have a spouse back at home. At times you just meet someone really attractive, but is completely unknown to you – what about possible STDs? These are just few consequences – you must measure the ones relevant to you at that moment.

# 10 Flirting Warning
Don’t fall in Love on day one!
Firstly, if you confess your love on day one, you will seem really needy. Let the sparks flow and let both of you feel it, don’t start pouring your heart out completely. It gives the other person an upper hand and a chance to exploit you too. Secondly, it is unwise because you barely know the person. Attraction does not equal love; love is way deeper than just mere flirting. So keep hunting and keep exploring till you are convinced you have fallen in love with the right person!

Congratulations for having successfully finished your Crash Course in Flirting! Cheers! You may leave back your experiences in the comments section. We would love to hear from you about your flirting adventures... Happy hunting!

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