How to be a Good Kisser - 2

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

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6. Continuously Trying to Kiss Deep
Kissing is meant to be sensuous and exploratory. It should progress from a gentle peck to a more intense kiss that can be deep subsequently. Often this heats up the moment and makes kissing ever so irresistible. Just being too aggressive right from the beginning and thrusting your tongue down your partner’s mouth for sure adds you to the list of bad kissers!

7. Excessively Wet Kiss
Before you approach for the kiss, swallow the excess spit. Leaving your drool on your partner’s face is a scary thought! Do not act like a hungry dog with your wet desirous tongue hanging out waiting to make contact and then wanting to lick off your partner’s lips, chin and nose. Excessively wetting your partner’s face isn’t a turn on! Intermittent sensual licking up to the bottom lip after you have started kissing is fine.

8. Being Hesitant and Kissing Restrictively
When you go in for kiss, don’t hesitate. Being indecisive spoils the fun. If your partner holds back, act as if nothing happened and just carry on normally. Nothing will get affected if you don’t act embarrassed. But if your partner does respond to kiss you, then don’t kiss restrictively. Don’t keep your lips tightly pursed and your mouth barely open. This makes your partner feel they aren’t desirable. Kiss like you really mean it.

9. A Stiff Tongue
While kissing, your tongue is meant to move and swivel as though you are licking an ice cream. If you keep your tongue stiff and rigid, you restrict the soft and slow movements that are a major turn on. If you are the partner heeding to the other one’s desires, then respond to what your partner likes. If your partner is weaving their tongue slowly, then follow suit. Likewise, if your partner seems desperate and is jabbing a stiff tongue into your mouth, maybe then it’s a good idea to do the same.

10. Thanking Your Partner after the Kiss
"Thank You!" It is not the ideal thing to say by far! Nobody is doing a favour here by kissing. You are kissing because you both have hormones that tempt you to kiss the person you are attracted to. You are kissing because it is an expression of love. The best thing is to say "Wow! You were wonderful!"

Nobody can really teach you how to be a good kisser. There are no definite steps to becoming a good kisser simply because the chemistry between every couple is different. But if you can avoid these obvious mistakes, you will be miles far from ever being a bad kisser. And as you practice more, you will become the real irresistible kisser!

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Heidi said...

My boyfriend just totally sucks at kissing me and I really wish I could recommend this article to him... Somebody just tell him to read this! Matt, if you are reading this, please imbibe some skills baby!

Jay said...

Hey Heidi,
Why are you so afraid of telling him that he sucks at it? If he's been your boyfriend for a while, take it up with him. Just don't be insulting. Speak over it and he'll get the idea!

Prily said...

I think when you are in your teens and you are new to kissing, you end up making these mistakes. As you grow up, you naturally end up improving your kissing skills. But this blog post is a good knowledge book for all the young boys and girls. They won't have to learn it the hard way.

Anonymous said...

kissing is a game of win-win for both teams! we start with the eyes colliding! then the smooch kiss, then then lock-lips, then the french kiss...i dont recall the rest of the story but only its end when we want to wear clothes ....!

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