Forgive, Forget & Look Ahead

Letter by: Adrian
Place: Iowa City, Iowa

The following is my letter to my girlfriend. She has been is state of shock and despair, unable to stop her tears and her sinking heart. It hurts me so much to see her that way and enrages me towards her molester dad. In defense of herself, she attacked him last week and he is now critical in the hospital.

Dear Grace,
Unwanted things happen in our lives quite often and they tend to take away our happiness. Sometimes there are reasons why those things happen and sometimes there are just no reasons at all really.

What has happened in your life honey has now to be left behind. Have an attitude of never turning to look back at the saddening past. There is no end to it, you will only keep hurting
yourself in the process and nothing will help.

I can imagine how angered you are and the hatred you possess within for him. What is it that you will gain out of it anyway? It will only keep upsetting your mood and your peace of mind. He was unstable and a loser in life. He was just weak and is still weak today. Your act was nothing but self-defense. It was an innocent sin and its time now that you forgive yourself.

"Forgive, Forget & Look Ahead" is easier said than done. It will require conscious efforts from your side to get over what has happened and look into the future. Lets together take this up as a challenge towards making your future better.

Lets believe that life & your faith in God saved you from not letting this happen during the second year of your course. Life has given you a second chance to really prove yourself with all your mental strength, knowledge and the urge to be successful. You know you are good, I know you are good & we both know you are good. We both know that you really can do it. I have read some of your reports and I am so sure you will be filing for your patent soon.

For now, to put life back into action, do as I say.
1. Spend a lot of time in your labs. Keep yourself busy.

2. A lot of money has been spent by you being there and its necessary to make up for it. Take up your Research Assistant job again.

3. Try to socialize with people to keep your mind off the event that happened.

4. Last thing, which I believe is the most important. If things don't work out between your dad and you, then its best we find a lawyer to deal with this. Don't lose your self-respect and your honor. Don't let him take you for granted. You need to put an end to the drama because you really deserve a much better life.

And yeah, on your weekends, go for your drum sessions. Life is not long trust me... We hardly live about 2500-3000 weekends and so many of them are already over for you. Don't let your weekends go waste.

I am always there by you today and will be there every single tomorrow too. You know that!

Smile & be happy. That's all that I care about...

Forever Yours,

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