Sister Act

Confession by: Jessica
Place: Auckland, New Zealand

I received an email from my swimming coach's sister that she knows about the two of us.

Lately at work I was tired of scanning my work emails in Outlook Express. I wanted to run through the pile of junk emails accumulated in my inbox. Surprisingly, I stumbled upon a name that suddenly struck a chord!

It was my coach's sister! She's been this cute kid I've never met. I've heard of her a lot and am fond of her. She is like this very practical, very outgoing & very broadminded girl! And yeah, she is growing up to be a doc! Wow..

Coach got speaking to her the other day and poured out our entire love affair to her. Matt, my coach is married but isn't doing great with his wife. He loves his 3 year old though. Anyway, he
had kept it secret from Gina, his sister, for 2 crazy long years living under the same roof. I can't believe siblings can actually keep things so secret especially if they are as close as Matt & Gina. But, Matt did keep things from her.

Gina feels guilty for what Matt & I have done. I am guilty too about it somewhere down there. I know if I hadn't come across Matt ever, he would have a happy family. Gina is taking full control of the situation and is making sure Matt's wife Shawna doesn't have her low patches.

I am impressed with Gina's ability sitting miles away and ensuring that Shawna doesn't go through a depression. She's got plans for Shawna when she comes down in December to spend time with their baby. Its amazing the way the two of them bond, though Matt and Shawna aren't together anymore. I am overwhelmed! But I am feeling really good that there is someone taking care of Shawna, she isn't alone really.

I really wanted to get in touch with the Gina, but not this way where I'd be a supposed vamp who broke her brother's marriage. I mean she'd eventually know that I ain't a vamp really. But I still continue to be fond of her. She's stepped in as a positive force in Shawna's life. All the best to her & a huge "Thank U" if she is reading this.

Its all so damn weird right now. Shawna is gonna be down here. Its like we would die to meet each other if things were good between us. Shawna was my dearest at high school. I honestly never knew that she was Matt's wife. But now its all so awkward.

She is hating it & feeling so uncomfortable getting onto that flight. I am sure she is dying to meet her baby irrespective of all this. I believe its best if we don't see each other... its only going to make her hate me. The whole effort of her coming out of the depression will go waste.

To Matt, "I am taking an off for a month. Have a great time with Ryan, Gina and Shawna. To Gina, "The 4 weeks that she is in Auckland, take care of her and party hard. Have a blast... Go spend on clothing & footwear! Keep me off her mind as much as you can!"

~Good luck Gina!

PS: Shawna, if you reading this, please forgive me...

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