How to Kiss A Boy

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

You may wonder what really a kiss can do for you. Knowing how to kiss a boy perfectly, making him feel good and then making him long for more can win you his attention and pampering from his side for a long long time to come! Without any exaggeration, if you can seduce his senses with a perfect kiss, you will realize that it will melt his heart and foster a deeper level of emotional connect with you! Before you proceed further, you might just want to get a quick insight into the Basics of Kissing.

If you would like to know about the actual act of kissing a guy, there’s a whole guide below teaching you how to smooch, lock lips, French kiss and more. However, those are mechanical aspects along with some etiquette that you will master with practice. The art of how to kiss a boy is really about how you trigger his sensuous side and how you make it easy for him to treat you like an angel!

How to Kiss a Boy -- Let’s get prepared...

Step1: Appear relaxed & comfortable
It is a guy’s responsibility to make his girl feel comfortable when you are out together. Now if you take this responsibility off his shoulders by appearing comfortable, you are making things easier for him. Just remember that he’s freaking out about kissing you as much as you are! So don’t be fussy or appear rigid, enjoy the moment and smile a lot!

Step 2: Flirt with him
Flirt with him and make sure your body language seems more inviting than closed. You can learn more about flirting from The Fastest Guide to Flirting after you have gone through all the steps of how to kiss a boy.

Step 3: Establish subtle physical contact
You need to show him your intent to kiss him and establishing physical contact is a good way to send out such a signal. At the same time, you don’t want wrong ideas floating in his mind if you aren’t ready for an all out session of making out. So your touchy-feely gestures need to be subtle.

Here are a few ways to subtly touch a guy...

-- Make an excuse during the conversation to touch his hand or graze his arm

-- If it’s chilly, show that you are feeling cold. Chances are he will get close to you

-- If the moment is romantic, hold his hand

-- Get close to him to whisper something secretive or private in his ears

-- Sit close to him with your shoulders rubbing each others

-- Touch him at the corner of his lip pretending to brush off something

Step 4: Use your eyes, lips and smile to speak
Glance into his eyes for a second more than normal as you two speak and smile with soft eyes. Tilt your head to one side as you smile because boys find that cute. And when there are sudden or awkward pauses in the conversation move your sight to his lips, bite your own lower lip at one corner and lick it off with your tongue ever so slightly. If the chemistry between both of you is strong, you will have solved half the mystery about how to kiss a boy and fired up a serious urge within him to kiss you!

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Alyssa said...

Hiya Cristina! The way you've explained how to kiss a guy with examples of how to subtly touch him and everything else just seems so helpful.

I normally wouldn't leave a comment on any blogs as such, but your kissing guide was just way too cool for me to avoid commenting..

Trisha said...

Yes, with your lessons now I truly feel stupid that I was panicking about kissing my boyfriend! How stupid of me! Thanks girl for all your advice, suggestion, tips and sharing your knowledge on "kissing" :-)

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