Difference Between Epilator & Electric Shaver

Advice by: Gina McHenry
Place: Houston, Texas

What is the difference between an Epilator and an Electric Shaver?
An epilator as well as an electric shaver are both used for removal of a significant mass of human hair growing on the skin. An epilator plucks the hair from its roots, whereas an electric shaver cuts the hair at the skin level.

Since, in the case of epilators, the roots of the hair are destroyed, it takes a relatively longer time for the hair to grow again.

Electric Shaver:
Conversely, in the case of electric shavers, since the human hair is only cut at the skin level, you will find that hair in that region will grow again more rapidly than before.

difference between epilator and electric shaver

The hair that grows after epilation is much thinner than before.

Electric Shaver:
In case of an electric shaver or a razor, the hair that grows again is thicker and coarser than before.

Epilators are known to leave back a much smoother skin.

Electric Shaver:
Whereas a razor or an electric shaver will leave back a rougher skin surface, a stubble and possibly skin rashes too at times!

The first time you use an epilator, you can be sure to expect some amount of pain. Imagine, about 10-15 tweezers plucking out hair all at once from your skin. However, with repeated usage, you tend to get accustomed to it and you don’t experience any major pain as such. Repeated usage of epilators can be considered similar to waxing. During your first time usage, you must first go in for a session of waxing, then let your hair grow to a sufficient length for a couple of weeks and finally try the epilator. Follow this with application of some ice on the surface of your skin to soothe the burning and pain, if required.

Electric Shaver:
On the other hand, an electric shaver will barely hurt, whether it is your first usage or fifteenth!

If you haven’t used a razor or an electric shaver on your skin till now, consider yourself lucky of having stumbled upon this article. It is more advisable that you at least give an epilator a try before you subject your skin to a razor, which will cause coarser and thicker hair to regrow at a much faster pace! And if you have been using a razor, try out the epilator 2-3 times and decide for yourself.

-- By Gina McHenry

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Erin said...

I hate shaving because of the way it leaves skin feeling. Using an epilator results in smoother and longer lasting results. They both have their pros and cons. My pick would be an epilator.

Sunita Chaudhari said...

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jacque said...

Nice post. Id prefer a great trimmer or shaver over an epilator because it tends to tug at the hair most of the time.

grady william said...

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Naimleon said...

I love using electric shaver especially Philips Norelco

john willim said...

All the points are good! I am lucky that I have got your blog right now.
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Cindy said...

unwanted hair grows faster with shaving than using epilator.We can have smooth skin more with epilator so I prefer epilator especially Braun silk epil

Cindy curel said...

I tried many include shaving , waxing but I can easily say that epilators are great. Waxing is painful and long process. Shaving is not logica because It doesn't help you in the long term. I love using epilator because ıt is easy to use and effetive.

Alice said...

Shaving is quickly and painless method, but after 2 days, your unwanted hairs will come back, darker.
Epilator is better, it pain, but your skin will be smooth up to 6 weeks, and went hair grownup, it will be thiner.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be 'that guy' but the hair doesn't grow back darker or thicker. It just appears differently due to the way the hair is cut.

Faisal waqas said...

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