Epilator Hair Removal

Advice by: Gina McHenry
Place: Houston, Texas

How good are Epilators for hair removal...
Before we start to answer this question, let us first try and understand what an epilator actually is and how it really works!

So, what's an epilator?
An epilator is an electric device that basically has a rotating head, which carries a number of metal plates in pairs. When you turn on the epilator and start to slide its head over the surface of your skin for hair removal, the pairs of metal plates come close together and move away from each other in alternate succession.

epilator hair removal

How does the epilator work?
When these plates come together, the grip the hair on your skin, pluck that hair and then move back. This is similar to a multiple tweezers plucking numerous strands of hair from your skin.

As such, the efficiency of working of an epilator cannot be doubted. Epilators have evolved in design significantly since they were first introduced and do a fantastic job of hair removal.

When should you not use the epilator?
You must however note that if your hair is too dense or thick, then directly using the epilator might not give you the best results. Also, if your hair is too short in length, the metal plates of the epilator will not be able to grip your hair strands.

The best thing in such cases is that you first go in for one session of waxing your entire body. After that, give about 2-3 weeks for the waxed hair to regrow to a sufficient length. You can use the epilator then to get great results, stunted hair growth and a smooth skin.

Avoiding Razors & Electric Shavers
Once you start using the epilator, you must make it a point to strictly avoid usage of a razor or even an electric shaver for that matter. Try to use the epilator every 3-4 weeks initially. This will weaken the hair roots, make the hair growth thinner, reduce the frequency with which your hair regrows and smoothen your skin too. You will notice that after repeated usage of the epilator, your skin will stop growing hair too often and will remain clean and smooth for even months together!

-- By Gina McHenry

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