Do Epilators Hurt?

Advice by: Gina McHenry
Place: Houston, Texas

Epilators have been around for quite some time now and their designs have evolved over the years to make them less painful.

To get an idea of the pain you are subjected to while using an epilator, you can imagine 10-15 tweezers plucking individual hair strands all at the same time.

First Time Usage
The first time you use an epilator, it would be incorrect to say that it doesn’t hurt at all. It definitely does hurt because your body and your mind are not suited for a new process. How much it hurts, differs from person to person. However, if done correctly, it won’t be like you will be screaming your guts out and crying with tears or anything even close to that, however sensitive your skin is! Consider it like a multiple ant bites in the worst case!

Regular Usage
As you start to epilate regularly, like every 3-5 weeks, you will notice that with every successive epilation, the pain seems to diminish and you get quite used to it! The results too seem to get better after repeated usage. There is a huge list of advantages to epilating as compared to other methods of hair removal.

How about waxing as an alternative?
The next best option to epilating is waxing. Shaving with razors or even electric shavers doesn’t get even close to being the best option. However, waxing is quite a messy process. There’s also a fear of getting burnt with the hot wax if you are an amateur. Plus waxing actually removes the epithelial layer of your skin along with the hair too! Visiting spas or salons might turn out to be quite a costly affair on a regular basis. If you actually can afford spas for the rest of your life, you could instead consider laser hair removal. But trust me, its expensive!

-- By Gina McHenry

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