Epilator vs Waxing

Advice by: Gina McHenry
Place: Houston, Texas

Before you begin digging to find your answer on who wins the epilator vs waxing battle, you must understand that both these are the best processes till date for hair removal. However, both these definitely do hurt you to an extent, so let no one preach you anything otherwise!

Is shaving even an alternative?
By the way, some people have thoughts about considering shaving as an alternative to waxing and using an epilator. Let me assure you that using razors or electric shavers does not even come close to the merits of epilating and waxing.
1. You can expect cuts and nicks on your body at times.

2. Your hair is bound to grow faster the next time.

3. Your hair is bound to grow thicker with time if you keep shaving regularly.

4. You are gradually going to start hating the feeling of stubble on your legs.

5. You can expect a rash to break out when you shave.

6. Since hair grows back faster, some of you might need to shave every couple of weeks. However, if your skin is not suited to such frequent shaving, you won’t be in a position to wear sleeveless clothing, shorts, skirts, etc till you shave again. Now how horrible is that!

epilator vs waxing

Epilator vs Waxing - Advantage Waxing:
1. Waxing is a better and more effective alternative compared to using an epilator for your underarms.

2. Since a large part of your skin gets waxed in one go, you feel relatively lesser pain in waxing compared to using an epilator.

3. Some people end up having a bit of redness and skin irritation due to usage of an epilator. In that sense, waxing suits even the most sensitive skins.

4. Waxing generally will not lead to the growth of ingrown hair, which occurs in the case of epilators. However, if you exfoliate your skin regularly, you can get away with this problem.

Epilator vs Waxing – Advantage Epilator:
1. At times, waxing breaks the hair while removal. An epilator on the other hand always plucks the hair from the root because it is a mechanized process as compared to pulling out wax strips by hand.

2. Using an epilator is a clean process. Waxing turns out to be quite messy. For epilators, you can just detach the head and brush off the removed hair from it.

3. Some people end up having a bit of redness and bumps due to waxing. Using the epilator on lower speeds with a cooling glove is a better alternate in such cases.

4. The results are better compared to waxing in the sense that the regrowth of hair takes longer.

5. Certain epilators come with cooling gloves, numbing gloves, massaging attachments, etc which numb the body part you are epilating. This helps in minimizing the pain.

6. With repeated usage of an epilator, your hair starts to get finer and the growth too gets stunted. Therefore you are required to epilate less often with continued usage of an epilator.

7. Certain epilators come with special attachments that are suited for areas such as your bikini line. It’s a horrifying experience to wax that region if you are doing it by yourself.

8. An epilator is quite portable and handy. So if you are off on long trips and vacations, you can easily carry it along with you wherever you go.

9. Epilators require only an initial investment. Generally, epilators don’t have any sort of maintenance too. So as compared to visiting salons, spas, buying wax strips, hot wax, cold wax, etc, epilators turn out to be quite cheap in the long run.

Now you can decide for yourself, who wins the epilator vs waxing battle. Waxing has been quite popular till date and continues to remain so among people who are not introduced to epilators. But to those who have been introduced to epilators, fewer are choosing to go back to waxing. Epilator wins hands down!

-- By Gina McHenry

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