What is Epilation?

Advice by: Gina McHenry
Place: Houston, Texas

What is Epilation?

Epilation is a process of removing human hair growing on the skin from its roots. Basically, in this method of hair removal, a significant mass of hair is plucked as opposed to plucking single strands using tweezers.

Methods such as waxing, threading, tweezing and laser hair removal are all a form of epilation because essentially, they all pull out hair from the roots. However, when we talk of hair removal specifically through epilation as opposed to mentioning waxing, threading or tweezing, it actually refers to making use of an electrical device called as an epilator.

Epilation is better compared to using electric shavers and razors. Removing hair using shavers and razors is referred to as depilation. In depilation, the hair is only cut or trimmed at the skin level. This actually stimulates hair growth and the further hair growth is thicker, stiffer and coarse.

what is epilation

Advantages of Epilation
1. Epilation stunts the frequency with which hair re-grows after removal. Therefore, the result is more lasting and you don’t have to keep repeating the process too often.

2. With each successive process of epilation, the hair growth starts to get finer.

3. As opposed to using shavers or razors, using epilators leaves the surface of the skin much smoother.

4. Epilation is relatively cleaner and hassle-free as compared to waxing and shaving.

5. It is probably the cheapest method of hair removal. You have to make only an initial investment in purchasing an epilator.

6. Epilators can be used by you when you are by yourself as opposed to waxing, which may require someone to help you.

Disadvantages of Epilation
1. Hair that needs to be removed cannot be too short. It needs to be of a certain minimum length (at least 2mm, but no more than 5mm) so that an epilator can grip it well before plucking it.

2. If your hair growth is unusually thick, the first few sessions of epilation can be painful.

3. Conversely, if your hair growth is too fine, epilation might not be the most recommended method for it will not effectively facilitate hair removal.

4. Similar to waxing, certain areas like the back of your legs can be hard to reach with an epilator.

5. Areas like your underarms do hurt when epilated as opposed to using a razor in such areas. However, the effect of an epilator lasts much longer and the hair that grows again is finer compared to the coarser hair growth followed by shaving.

-- By Gina McHenry

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goodepilator said...

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