What is an Epilator?

Advice by: Gina McHenry
Place: Houston, Texas

What is an epilator?
An epilator is an electrical device, which plucks human hair growing on the skin from its roots. Basically, a significant mass of hair is plucked mechanically by a series of moving metal plates that are fitted in the epilator. This process is referred to as epilation.

What is the process of using an epilator like?
Hair removal through the use of epilators is quite similar to waxing or tweezing, wherein the hair is pulled out from the roots. If you can imagine 12-15 tweezers plucking your hair at once, then that effect is similar to what an epilator does. However, it is not as painful as it sounds. Moreover, epilators do not use any wax, lotions or creams and are cleaner in operation. Epilators can be used for your arms, legs, face, underarms, bikini areas, etc.

epilatorWhat is the mechanical construction and working of an epilator like?
The device is the size of an electric shaver and can be gripped firmly in your hand while using it. The most important part of the epilator is its head. This head is basically a rotating disc that carries pairs of multiple metal plates. When the epilator is switched on, the head starts to rotate rapidly and each pair of plates comes together and moves back in alternate succession. This can be considered similar to tweezing.

When the two plates come close together, they grip the hair on your body. Since there are multiple such pairs of plates, a significant mass of hair on your body gets gripped. Before moving back from each other, the gripped mass of hair is pulled, extracted and discarded by the epilator. This might sound complicated, but all the user needs to do is slowly slide the head of the epilator over the body where hair needs to be removed.

How are epilators powered?
Corded epilators are operated by using direct supply of electricity by plugging them in, whereas as cordless epilators are either rechargeable or run on batteries.

Do epilators require any sort of maintenance?
An epilator has only an initial investment cost. Modern designs of epilators have no replaceable mechanical parts and require no maintenance as such.

-- By Gina McHenry

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