Tips to Reduce Pain Using Epilators

Advice by: Gina McHenry
Place: Houston, Texas

When to expect pain while using epilators?
1. If you are a beginner using the epilator for the first time
However, you get used to it with time. Before buying your epilator, check if it has an attachment that is specifically designed for beginners. Else, try the epilator on the lower speed mode the first time.

2. If you are a guy with really thick hair
Try waxing first and then go in for epilators after about 12-15 days of waxing.

3. If you are using it in areas like your underarms, behind your knees, etc
In such cases, make sure you have trimmed your hair firstly. Ensure that your skin is quite taut while using the epilator. Before buying your epilator, check if it has certain attachments that are specifically designed for these areas.

4. If the length of your hair is very long
Go in for one session of waxing before using your new epilator. Wait for about 2-3 weeks and let your hair regrow. Try epilation now.

5. If you are using it down there
Trim your hair with a pair of scissors if it is too long or use a hair removal cream at first. Check if your epilator has any special attachments that are suited for that region. Hold your skin taut. Use the epilator initially on the lower speed mode and carefully epilate around that region. The hair that regrows is softer and finer and successive sessions of epilation are less painful. You feel liberated, clean and fresh since there is no hair to trap any odours and secretions!

Tips to reduce pain while using epilators
1. Most importantly, follow the best practices when using an epilator.

2. Nowadays, some epilators come with a cooling glove, which you can use to numb your skin shortly before epilating. Else, just use ice cubes to numb the skin area you are epilating.

3. You could possibly even try a numbing cream from your local chemist.

4. Before buying your epilator, try to find out if it comes with any special attachments that are designed to suit beginners.

5. Some epilators come with different heads that are suited for different areas of your body to give you the best results and also to reduce pain.

6. Get a partner to help you in keeping the skin taut while epilating, thus easing your effort and reducing pain greatly.

7. Get a partner to help you epilate your hair. When somebody else epilates you, your mind believes that it won’t hurt as much as doing it yourself. A large part of the pain is all in your mind!

-- By Gina McHenry

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