Long Distance Relationships Advice

Advice by: Emily Downing
Place: Buffalo, New York, USA

I would like to share with the BlogJeez readers the Long Distance Relationship Advice I received from my counselor and mentor Emily Downing. My girlfriend Sharon and I were skeptical and kept pondering, “Do Long Distance Relationships really work?” before I had travel miles away to another city for my organization for 15 months. Just that you should know, it has been 7 months now and Sharon & I have had a beautiful relationship living miles apart…

Here below is part 2 of the advice from Mrs. Downing that we have tried to incorporate in our long distance relationship and it works for us.
For part 1, click here

5. Use a Long Distance Relationship to Your Advantage
You have surely complained about not getting your own space, compromised on certain things you wanted to do and gave your partner’s choice more priority, isn’t it? Now is your chance to let your individuality bloom and breathe fully. You don’t have anybody snapping at you or getting irritated over little issues and you get to do what you choose, no compromises! So have fun during this span…

6. Discuss About Your Future
The fact that you separate from each other and still let your relationship breathe life implies you are doing it for a reason – for a better future, in most cases! It is extremely important that both your ends do converge at a certain point in future and this point should be pretty solid. With this time in mind, each person tries harder to make the relationship work. Moreover, you have a certain direction to follow in life; else you are wasting time & energy!

7. Make Plans to Meet Each Other
The sense of touch & smell can’t be replaced by talking over Skype. Such physical needs are largely important to feel the love and romance. Therefore, plan a visit every once in a while when you are free. Take off on brief weekend getaways. The wait for seeing each other drives in so much excitement that it almost makes you feel like a teen. When together, spend most of your time enjoying the company of your loved one rather than settling issues, planning the “perfect trip” and eventually realizing you barely have any quality time left.

8. Be Faithful, Learn to Trust Your Mate & Don’t be A Control Freak
When you accept to get into a long distance relationship, you commit to mutual trust and faithfulness. Accept that you and your partner will both have your own social lives. You will hear about some new people, you will see that there are little changes in your partner’s behavior towards you and your calls/messages might take some time to be replied back to. Suspicion and paranoia at such times only chokes both the individuals as well as the warmth you share. Just keep each other informed of your new social circle and the happenings around you. Introduce your new group of friends to your boyfriend/girlfriend. Most importantly, be faithful yourself!

This is all the Long Distance Relationship advice one needs. It requires immense effort and discipline to make an LDR work; simply because you don’t get chances to make it up to your sweetheart when you make a mistake. Follow these tips honestly and when the day comes to reunite, you will have a bond with your sweetheart much stronger than before!

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By the way, I really recommend that you do go through the whole LDR Guide at least once... However, if you are too tired for now, watch the video below -- it will give you a gist! (If the video is not showing in your Internet Explorer Browser, please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and upgrade your flash player)

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Ella said...

Oh I so thoroughly enjoyed the entire guide with all those wowie tips and videos you have added.

You really have taken all the effort to put up some wonderful advice here! Awesome!

TaniaS said...

I am missing my boyfriend Adam so much!
Your advice really seems to give me some hope and direction to tackle the difficult times we are going through...
Please keep writing :-)

Huzzy said...

I was so surprised when Danish traveled all the way from Manila down to meet me! But now that he is gone back I miss him so much that I love him more now!

Dina said...

I just can't seem to get over my insecurities and I know my relationship is squeaking because of that! Anyway tnx for reinforcing it.. :)

cheating spouses said...

This is an interesting and informative post! Thanks for the useful information. Enjoyed it.

lyko brett said...

I'm missing my girlfriend so much, we've been in this relationship for 2 years, we've been in a long distance relationship for a month now and its because of my work. Should i quit my job and find another one near her place, or continue my career far away from her? and how would i handle relationship problems in a relationship like this?

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