Long Distance Relationship Tips

Advice by: Emily Downing
Place: Buffalo, New York, USA

Here are some Long Distance Relationship Tips that you can try so as to spice things up in your relationship in spite of the distance. I have compiled the best tips on making an LDR livelier than following the standard disciplined approach. If you haven’t read about the more essential and serious approach that is fundamentally required to survive a long distance relationship, then please read it here!


1. Capture Moments from Your daily Life
When you live apart for a long time, you tend to lose your understanding and feeling of the person you love. Exchanging photographs and videos of your routine life gives a special sense of closeness with your partner. It helps you get rid of insecurities too. Try it out, don’t be shy!

2. Write Love Letters instead of Emails
The emotions that are attached with a letter can just not be replicated through electronic-mail (e-mail)! Every once in 2-3 weeks, try to write a letter than an email. It feels special and conveys efforts taken to make the relationship grow better. Be romantic even if it may sound cheesy to actually speak that way! The person reading it feels truly special.

3. Be Materialistic & Exchange Materialistic things
First of all before you both part, try to give each other a physical object so that you can hold onto it and feel it when you miss the other person. It grows your love multifold in the true sense! Try sending each other gifts depending on whatever is financially possible for you. It shows thoughtfulness and expresses that “I want to make you happy!”

4. Remember Occasions, Send Gifts & Throw Surprises
Make a list of the most important days in your relationship and put a reminder either on your computer or your cell phone. You may send the person gifts, make a surprise visit or just send a simple e-card if you can’t do too much. It indicates that he/she is always on your mind however busy your professional life is and whatever the distance between you two is!

5. Get Naughty on the Phone or Skype
This completely depends on the level of intimacy that you share with your partner. If you have been physically intimate, then staying away for month is just traumatic! Get onto the phone late at night, turn off your lights, make yourself private and talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse in a low sexy voice. Let your imaginations stretch liberally and express yourself openly. If you want to take things to another level, get on your webcam and …. Umm, can’t explain much here. Feel comfortable whatever you are doing!

These are really the most effective long distance relationship tips. Try them out; they surely will bring in a lot of life and excitement in your LDR. Do leave back your comments and experiences here!

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By the way, enjoy this video below... It is presented from the point of view of advising girls, but the idea conveyed is significant for both sexes!(If the video is not showing in your Internet Explorer Browser, please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and upgrade your flash player)

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Ray said...

haha! I just love those LDR tips, especially the last one... Guess I'm gonna try it

Oxana said...

Oh the first one is such a brilliant idea. How dumb of me to not think of it... I know how Ed used to go crazy clicking pictures of me when we were together! Thanks Downing!!

Ashwini said...

I just love the letters my boyfriend writes to me! I feel like a character from Mills and Boon..Wow!

Suhana said...

Exchanging pictures really works great I feel.. atleast in my case it does!

Lil things like knowing whats his hairstyle and what kinda clothes he's been wearing gives me a sense of being in touch with him more closely.

Bradly Jones said...

well i started out with ldr's, and i'm proud to say that i am very happily married to her now.
to add to this great blog. depending on how much you share you love with your partner, a relationship shouldn't ever be entered into immediately, and in ldr's the time you have waiting for each other make you know your partner even better, a marriage after that is like a scientist finally solving a decades' long problem. i must admit that it would have been so good for me if not for cheap international calls from mobile to mobile as i had financial problems for a significant period in my relationship.
always keep a positive attitude, it's one way i got through the hard time and don't forget to respect each others needs

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