Long Distance Relationship Problems

Advice by: Emily Downing
Place: Buffalo, New York, USA

What kind of Long Distance Relationship Problems do most relationships face?

There are some really typical and dangerous Long Distance Relationship problems that lead to a rocky patch or even a break up in a relationship.

Please don’t be scared reading this because the article is just meant to educate you about the ups and downs an LDR faces. However, on a more positive note, you are highly recommended to try:


1. Suspecting & Paranoid Partner
Emotions of suspicion and paranoia breed serious insecurity in a relationship. Insecurity brings with it a whole different war to fight; you can read about it here... Learn to trust your partner with a broad mindset and love him/her whole heartedly. If your partner has to cheat on you, he/she will cheat irrespective of your physical presence around them. So avoid choking yourself and your partner with feelings of insecurity and suspicion. If you still seem to have a problem, you can try finding a solution here!

2. “That’s not what I meant”
Being in an LDR, you are bound to exchange emails, have online chats and send each other text messages. Now very often, just plain written text does not convey your emotion or tone in any way. This often leads to misunderstandings and either of you may feel really hurt after reading something. The best solution when you find something offensive, rude or hurtful is to ring up your loved one and speak up about how you felt when you read a certain text. The issue might be little, but jumping to conclusions without speaking to each other can lead to serious quarrels. So communicate verbally!

3. Sorting out Fights over Email
Similar to the problem above, if you try to sort issues out over email, things can really take an ugly turn. This is simply because you don’t convey your emotion or tone through an email. Both of you need to be patient till the next time you speak than just shooting out an email in anger. Those words written in black and white can hurt much more and have a long lasting negative effect attached to them.

4. Believing that LDRs don’t work
Many couples believe that arguments, fights and misunderstandings make the LDR an unattractive proposition. We tend to forget that these are elements of any normal relationship without which we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the more romantic emotions. Being in an LDR makes it difficult to sort things out and making it up to your sweetheart is rather difficult because of the distance. However, reminding each other the reason for which you both parted temporarily and trusting the fact that your relationship is just like any other normal relationship will belittle those insignificant issues!

5. Talking way too often on the Phone and Internet
Some couples really overdo the ritual of keeping in touch daily over the phone/internet. When you are together, you don’t just talk; you do things together and sometimes just enjoy the silent company of each other. Trying to talk way too long runs you out of things to speak about, makes you feel bored and eventually makes you believe it is a lifeless boring relationship. Just speaking once a day for 20 mins about the most interesting or significant things and exchanging text messages 3-5 times a day is perfect. You may probably do the long hours, get cam naughty and play internet games over a weekend to keep the spark alive!

6. Getting Carried Away
After an association with your loved one for a long period, their sudden absence causes a void in your life. Just because you are used to feeling loved, your mind tends to get carried away towards people who are even a little friendly towards you. In the attempt of pacifying your heart, you may end up straying away thinking you are in love. Sometimes, it might not take so many emotions, but just the freedom gives you an opportunity to casually flirt or even cheat more seriously on your partner.
The Solution: Consciousness and Realization of what you are risking and reinforcing the vow of commitment will see you through!

Long Distance Relationship problems will come and go. It is your commitment and proactive efforts to nurture the relationship that will foster a stronger bond of love. You may start your efforts by sharing the guide below with your sweetheart…

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By the way, enjoy this video below... Here are a few interesting things you may try out to spice up your Long Distance Relationship! (If the video is not showing in your Internet Explorer Browser, please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and upgrade your flash player)

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Merina said...

Can't tell you... These are exactly the problems that I am having to deal with! Please help me, I'm getting carried away with another guy!

Shaw said...

My girl & I always always always try to sort out things over emails and it just gets so messed... We are ruining our relationship absofukinlutely!

Anonymous said...

Cries of Help x 100 times!

Its so torturous when Mikey tries controlling my life and telling me what I shouldn't be doing when he is not even with me!!

Jude said...

Jen keeps nagging me about why we speak so less and my fear was exactly what you mentioned in the 5th point. I'm confused what I should really be doing?!

relationships advice said...

For me, I find long distance relationship both exciting and quite hard to deal with. Exciting because there's always something to look forward to when you talk over the internet or when your partner gets home. Hard to deal with because there are times that you feel that there's something wrong when you can't chat at the usual hours or doesn't call you on the time that your partner has promised to.

Meow Opre said...

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Shane Lee said...

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