How do You Kiss a Boy

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This topic about how do you kiss a boy is continued from here. Please refer to it if you haven’t read steps 1-4 about kissing a boy.

If you would like to know about the actual act of kissing a guy, there’s a whole guide below teaching you how to smooch, lock lips, French kiss and more. However, those are mechanical aspects along with some etiquette that you will master with practice. The art of how to kiss a boy is really about how you trigger his sensuous side and how you make it easy for him to treat you like an angel!

Step 5: Get ready for the kissing the guy
A kiss at this stage is imminent. However, there could be 2 possibilities here:

a. The guy initiates the kiss
Most likely, if he isn’t too shy a person, he will lean in to kiss you. Tilting your head to one side and look straight into his eyes for a long enough span will draw him closer to you. Just to boost his confidence enough, you should get closer to him and lean in further for the kiss and close your eyes.

b. You initiate the kiss
This usually isn’t the most ideal thing because it sometimes sends out a wrong signal about you. Well, however, if you do realize that a kiss is going to happen and he is just being shy, give him a peck on his cheek and wait for a reaction. If he likes it, bite your lip and smile back at him in a sexy manner. It should awaken his senses to kiss you back. Lean in half way to go for his lips, but don’t close your eyes this time unless you are dead sure you both will melt into a kiss.

How do you kiss a boy, what are the basics of kissing and the different types of kisses are detailed in the guide below. Be sure to also check out the kissing video tutorials!

Step 6: Fire him up with sensual touches
Whilst you are kissing the guy, touch his face and his chest. Run down your hand to just an inch below his belly button. That will really turn him on. Don’t go far too lower than that, else he won’t be able to control the man within him. Run your fingers into his hair at the back and slightly pull his hair. Such sensual touches will make your kiss more passionate. Feel free to do whatever feels right at that moment.

Step 7: Use your hands and feminism to communicate
Guys usually get turned on rather easily as compared to girls and might want to take things further right away. If you feel you don’t want to rush into anything beyond just a kiss, then you can hold down his hand by your side or romantically just entangle your fingers within his. On the other hand, if you do have the urge to take things further, rub his back or shoulders and with slight force pull him closer. As he kisses your lips, you could give away a little sigh or moan to indicate you are feeling good. Guys usually feel aroused when they realize their actions are pleasing a girl and will go a step further in doing so.

Step 8: End the Kiss
After there is a mutual feeling you have kissed to your heart’s content, back off slowly. Move back a little bit, stare into his eyes and smile. Snuggle up close to him and let him wrap his arms around you. Remember what you both were talking about before the kiss and start talking again normally.

Every guy madly loves a girl who takes the initiative to establish physical intimacy and in turn treats her like an angel in a relationship. That exactly is the reason you must remember it is more about how you trigger his sensuous side when you ask the question: “How do you kiss a boy?”

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Anonymous said...

You make the picture look so real even when I am reading that I can imagine actually kissing my boyfriend. You write really well and the Ultimate Kissing Guide is very very very informative! Thanks<3

Erin said...

Yeah girl, this kissing guide is too much! Do you write for some sort of magazine or are you a relationship/dating counselor or something. This is the most fabulous guide I've found on the internet till now! Superb writing... Thanks & keep it up!

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