How to Kiss a Girl

Advice by: Cristina
Place: Launceston, Australia

You may wonder what really a kiss can do for you. Knowing how to kiss a girl perfectly, making her feel amazing and then sweeping her off her feet can seriously increase your odds! Without any exaggeration, if you can kiss like a pro, a simple kiss can transition into greater physical intimacy and a deeper level of emotional connect. Before you proceed further, you might just want to get a quick insight into the Basics of Kissing.

If you would like to know about the actual act of kissing a girl, there’s a whole guide below teaching you how to smooch, lock lips, French kiss and more. However, those are mechanical aspects along with some etiquette that you will master with practice. The art of how to kiss a girl is really about how you treat her and how you take charge of the situation.

How to Kiss A Girl -- Here’s how you can ace the game…

Step 1: Choose a worthwhile place
You need to be with her in an environment that she feels comfortable being herself and so do you. If it is your first kiss, here is a list of 15 Best Places for a First Kiss. If you are looking at spicing up an already existing romance between you two, then here’s a recommendation of the 21 Most Romantic Places to Kiss.

Step 2: Relax her mood
Rushing into a kiss aggressively right after getting to the perfect place is a major turn off! A girl needs to be comforted and relaxed first if you wish to make her kiss you madly. Compliment her about her looks and her clothes. Tell her that you really like her company and that she is a fun person to hang out with. Bring in some humor and make her laugh. Don’t dominate the situation at all times, let her do some talking and pay attention to what she is speaking too.

Step 3: Build up the tension
Now start to steer the conversation to build up her mood to kiss you. Speak slowly than before and pause between your sentences. Her mind will wander during those pauses. Say things that will plant a seed in her mind making her imagine herself getting intimate with you. For example, you could ask her how it would be if the two of you got stuck in an elevator, or would she like the idea to dance to slow music in dim lights. Depending on whatever seems relevant to your personalities, maybe you could throw in such ideas.

Step 4: Fire up the moment with a play of your eyes
Whilst you give those long pauses between your sentences, look at her face. Glance at her eyes for just a second more than normal. Then move your sight down to her lips momentarily, look away and start speaking again. By now you will have already solved half the mystery about how to kiss a girl. It is quite possible that she’ll already have started thinking about kissing you in her mind.

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Javito said...

I think this is not the most appropriate thing to ask... just curious to know is Cristina a girl or a guy?
Sorry about that! I am just too impressed how a woman can actually think from a man's point of view about kissing a girl!!

Charles said...

All I can say now is you've really really made my life easy! Honestly, I tried asking this question about kissing a girl on Yahoo Answers before I found your Ultimate Kissing Guide. This one is just so detailed and easy to understand! Btw, nice compilation of videos too! Shall definitely try to spread the word about it Cristina! Thanks..

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