How do You Kiss a Girl

Advice by: Cristina
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This topic about how do you kiss a girl is continued from here. Please refer to it if you haven’t read steps 1-4 about kissing a girl.

If you would like to know about the actual act of kissing a girl, there’s a whole guide below teaching you how to smooch, lock lips, French kiss and more. However, those are mechanical aspects along with some etiquette that you will master with practice. The art of how to kiss a girl is really about how you treat her and how you take charge of the situation.

Step 5: Use physical touch to heat up the chemistry
Touch her subtly without giving her obvious signs that you are directing her into a kiss. Here are a few ways to do that:

-- Brush her hair off her forehead

-- Lightly graze her face as if to show you found something cute about her

-- Hold her hand or lay your palm on her leg close to her knee to impress a point

-- Pat her back

-- Playfully box her face or shoulder when its appropriate

With your physical touch, you heighten the sensual desires in her subconscious mind about you.

Step 6: Be bold, lean in and kiss the girl
By now a kiss will be imminent and all you have to do is kiss the girl, but not pounce on her as if you were waiting for that moment desperately. How do you kiss a girl, what are the basics of kissing and the different types of kisses are detailed in the guide below. Be sure to also check out the kissing video tutorials! So, kiss the girl like you actually mean it.

Step 7: Treat her as if you’ve taken a vow to make her feel great
As you begin to kiss the girl, don’t rush into groping her. It simply won’t go far as much as slow and sensual moves can take you. First hold down her hand and place your one arm around her waist. Start with playful little kisses and then proceed to a full blown one. Draw her closer towards you with light force and stroke her back. Then move your hand up to her neck and run your fingers through her hair as you kiss her.

Step 8: Drive her mad
If everything is going perfectly and the kiss is feeling really enjoyable, caress her face and neck for a couple of seconds only. Right after that cut off the rope, pull back and teasingly manipulate her. Look straight into her eyes passionately and you will see how at this point you drive her absolutely mad! If she isn’t shy, she will make the next move to take kissing to another level. Else, without waiting too long for her to react, move in again and start to kiss the girl like before.

Step 9: End the Kiss
After there is a mutual feeling you have kissed to your heart’s content, back off slowly. Move back a little bit, look at her and smile. Maybe you could give her a kiss on her cheek to make her feel cute about what you both just shared. Comb through her hair, stroke her back, her neck and hold her hand. Remember what you both were talking about before the kiss and start talking again normally.

For every girl, a kiss is something that she uses to derive certain personality traits about the guy, how he would treat her and what she means to him. That exactly is the reason you must remember that when you ask:
“How do you kiss a girl?”
it is more about how you treat her than the actual act of kissing itself!

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Michelle said...

I am 15 and its been only thrice that my boyfriend has kissed me till now. I don't like the way he kisses me.. Somebody please share this damn article with my boyfriend! I can't figure out how to tell him his kisses are sloppy and ugly as hell!

Anonymous said...

5***** for this beautiful kissing guide. Highly motivated to make a move on this girl I am dating when I meet her next. Hope your kissing tips and ideas work for me!

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