How to Flirt with a Girl

E-Guide by: Melinda Cox
Place: Miami, USA

If you have read through the entire guide and reached this page finally, you can be sure that you are definitely way better at flirting than the average guys out there. You know what signs girls will give away while expressing interest in you, how to respond to those signs and also the signs that you show as a guy while flirting.

Now just follow these tips below to finally sweep her off her feet completely!

# 1 Tip for Flirting
Dress well, smell good & be hygienic
A well dressed guy indicates he has a sense of responsibility. A guy who smells great becomes irresistible to the girl even before he speaks to her! Therefore, it is extremely essential that
• You dress well for the occasion and the place
• You smell great to attract her before you speak
• You take care of your oral hygiene and your hair so that you don’t turn her off
Unhygienic dirty smelling men reach nowhere in life when it comes to charming women! If he can’t take care of himself, then he barely can take care of her!

# 2 Tip for Flirting
Start a conversation! It is not “Ladies First” this time! Show some confidence!
No girl usually appreciates making the first move. You need to show that you are composed and in control of the situation. After the eye contact game (hyperlink), just walk up to her. Smile and just ask her an open ended question that would make her answer you more than just a single yes/no. The question could be about the place around you or about the weather or maybe your place of work or school. Girls can easily make out if a guy is anxious or lacks confidence. Feeling good about yourself when you talk, walking tall & upright and smiling as you talk will ooze confidence in you!

# 3 Tip for Flirting
Steer the conversation and be a story-teller
It is your responsibility as a guy to ensure that as you both speak, there is no lull and the conversation is really lit up! This generally takes some practice, but it is easy. Start with asking her something about the current setting that you are in, graduate slowly to her experience or her relation with that situation (an event/ your workplace/ bookstore/ class, etc.) Then offshoot the conversation to something else that would make her speak about herself. Follow it up by disclosing something more about yourself than what she discloses. Speak about the most interesting things you’ve done and tell it like a story. If your stories are fun and adventurous, she will already start fancying the man she is talking to.

# 4 Tip for Flirting
Listen to her speak, look at her adorably and gaze into her eyes
Throw in a question that will make her elaborate something fun or close to her. Then, irrespective of whatever is going on around you, just gaze at her and listen to her speak. Make her feel important by not getting distracted even if someone is yelling or a hottie waitress is walking past you! Bring up things that she mentioned earlier in the conversation so that she feels that you aren’t just staring at her, but you are listening carefully as well. Any girl would love it if a guy is interested in her opinions and stories belonging to her little life!

# 5 Tip for Flirting
Have a positive body language
A relaxed body language tells the girl that you aren’t desperate and needy. Smiling and nodding your head as you look at her makes her feel comfortable too. Avoid touching your face or folding your hands as they show you are insecure. You may lounge back, tilt your head to one side and run your fingers through your hair to show you are really calm and relaxed.

# 6 Tip for Flirting
Break the barrier of touch
When you feel the chemistry is building up, you may lean in and after 3-5 minutes, gently pat her back/arm or playfully box her. Whilst walking in a crowd or crossing the road, either slightly hold her hand or guide her touching her lower back. You may give her your hand while getting out of the car or while walking on a rocky street. Make sure that your touch hints romantic intentions and not lustful desires! Avoid if needed!

# 7 Tip for Flirting
Kick in some wit & humor
You can show off a little being witty in your conversation. Just don’t overdo it, keep it down to just twice in a conversation. Use humor every ten minutes at least to relieve awkwardness and to indicate that you are a fun-loving personality. Playfully tease her, but don’t insult her. Ensure a good balance so that neither do you get tagged as her clown buddy, nor a pest that irritates her with his boring talks. This way she will love being in your company much beyond the friends’ zone.

# 8 Tip for Flirting
Give her an offbeat compliment
A genuine compliment always makes the girl feel that you adore her. A flattering compliment is a waste of time and makes you appear desperate. But if she is wearing something pretty and you tell her that she is looking great, it won’t really do much than just making her smile and her feeling good about herself for that moment. Instead telling her something like she really has a great dressing sense and that her hair looks so perfectly beautiful will completely just melt her! Put in some effort to notice something nice and offbeat and then elaborate on it. She will start falling in love…

# 9 Tip for Flirting
Modulate the tone and pitch of your voice
Learn to modulate your tone and pitch when you speak to her. Humor is usually loud and personal talk is best when it is slow and deep. The rest of your talk should just be in normal tone and pitch… else it seems like an audition that you are in for! Hitting the right notes at the right moments will steam up the chemistry between both of you!

# Most Important Tip for Flirting
Get back in touch
If you feel you’ve had a good brief session of flirting, chances are you would want to meet her yet again. Go ahead and ask her for her phone number! Or maybe just say that you really had a great time and you would like to meet her again. And if you feel it is necessary to be a gentleman at that moment, just leave back your phone number with her and ask her to call you back sometime. If she has a thing for you, she will surely call you back. Else there are a ton of other girls out there to flirt with! Just don’t stay there for too long and make a quick exit… this keeps the excitement alive in his mind!

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