How to Flirt With a Guy

E-Guide by: Melinda Cox
Place: Miami, USA

If you have read through the entire guide and reached this page finally, you can be sure that you are definitely way better at flirting than the average ones out there. You know what signs guys will give away while expressing interest in you, how to respond to those signs and also the signs that you show as a girl while flirting.

Now just follow these tips below to finally make him go really weak in his knees!

# 1 Tip for Flirting
Look sexy & feel confident
Guys are more visually-oriented than girls. So don’t be lousy, dress up trendy in the best possible way to accentuate your best features. Be comfortable in whatever you wear. Remind yourself the best things in you – maybe your friendly nature, your eyes, your figure or your personality – before you move out. This will highly boost your confidence and bring down your consciousness, if you have any!

# 2 Tip for Flirting
Always wear a Smile & act cute
Whether you are walking past him, talking to him over a table or standing next to him, make sure you smile. Your smile will speak volumes about your friendly nature and your willingness to be approached.

# 3 Tip for Flirting
Check him out
Scan him head to toe and look back up into his eyes. Throw away a slight smile indicating that you like what you see and it will make you seem approachable whilst boosting his confidence.

# 4 Tip for Flirting
Have a ball while chatting with him
Laugh at his jokes and look into his eyes for a fraction of a second and look down again. Don’t get distracted by your surroundings. Compliment him on some worthwhile things about him and show interest in his talks. If your chemistry is great, things will be even more amazing further down!

# 5 Tip for Flirting
Lean in, whisper and break the barrier of touch
When in a conversation with him, lean ahead to show your interest. Whisper in his ears softly and follow it up with a smile and a gentle touch on his shoulder or arm. It makes it amply clear to him that you feel good being with him! If you find no good reason to touch him, just brushing off dust from his shoulder is a more subtle way of crossing the boundary. If you are crossing the street or moving through a crowd, you could possibly hold his hand too!

# 6 Tip for Flirting
Give him more attention than the group
If you are in a group, talk to him more than the others. Make him feel important. If he is trying to impress you from a distance, don’t look at his friends and focus all your attention on him. Smile when you do this!

# 7 Tip for Flirting
Asymmetrical smile over the shoulder
Whether you are walking past him or sitting at a distance away from him, find a chance to look over your shoulder, rest your chin on it and throw a smile. This will make him feel cute or hot about himself. It gives the impression that he made heads turn!

# 8 Tip for Flirting
Share some personal information about yourself with him
Decide your boundaries and let out some personal information about yourself or your life with him. You could just share something new that you are learning to do and it will invite him to speak more about you. This increases the level of intimacy between the two of you.

# 9 Tip for Flirting
Say his name more often than normal
Speak his name every now and then when you talk to him. Talk in a nice feminine voice to him. Your voice can really turn on a guy and drive his senses into a very intimate world having you in it.

# 10 Tip for Flirting
Be irresistible!
There is a whole huge list of things you can do, but exercise these with caution! Take calculative risks while trying them…
a. Reveal some skin – possibly some leg show or your back.
b. Arch your back, sit up tall and cross your legs high
c. When having a drink, lick your lip with the tip of your tongue
d. Grin in a sexy manner at the right moment and bite the corner of your lower lip
e. While stressing on a point, touch his knee or his hand
f. Dip your finger in the dessert, put it in your mouth and lick it slowly before bringing it out
g. Ask him to help you out with buying a drink or reaching out to something on a high shelf
h. Slip your fingers around his wrist and check for what time it is

# Most Important Tip for Flirting
Get back in touch
If you feel you’ve had a good brief session of flirting, chances are you would want to meet him yet again. It is perfectly okay for you to ask him for his phone number. Or maybe just say that you really had a great time and you would like to meet him again. And if you still feel a barrier in doing that too, just leave back your phone number with him and ask him to call you back sometime. If he has a thing for you, he will surely call you back. Else there are a ton of other guys out there to flirt with! Just don’t stay there for too long and make a quick exit… this keeps the excitement alive in his mind!

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