Signs of Flirting in Girls

E-Guide by: Melinda Cox
Place: Miami, USA

When a woman is flirting with you, she will inevitably give off many signs which you must pick up on! These hidden signs of flirting decide if you can take that incredible attraction between her and you into a whole another world. So read carefully and be watchful when its your time to flirt!

By the way, if you haven't gone through the preliminary eye contact test of flirting, you can find it here.

# 1 Sign of Flirting
She smiles looking in your direction
When a girl smiles at you after making eye contact, it means she wouldn’t mind you walking up to her and breaking the ice. It takes effort for her to smile at you, so you must at least return a pleasant smile.

# 2 Sign of Flirting
She intently shows she is having a great time with her friends
When a girl laughs and jokes a lot in the company of her friends, but every now and then keeps looking at you, she is trying to show that she is a fun person to be with. Just smiling looking at her having fun gives her the reassurance that you like the fun person in her!

# 3 Sign of Flirting
She goes all out to draw your attention
When a girl tries to speak aloud or laugh loudly a lot of times, she wants to get your attention. If she tries to walk past where you are in an attempt to get something or reach the restroom, you can be sure she really wants you to check her out. Make her feel good, make a brief eye contact or smile and check her out in a second.

# 4 Sign of Flirting
She scans you or checks you out
Women check out men briefly without knowing that they are consciously doing it. Men demonstrate this trait rather intentionally. But when this gesture comes from a girl, you can be sure that it is her attraction towards you that’s making her check you out. Give her a sexy smile in return biting your lips when she does this as if you just caught her!

# 5 Sign of Flirting
Her Body Language
The signs above are a very direct way when she is intently trying to flirt with you. Sometimes a girl might just be shy or might be subconsciously attracted to you. Her body language speaks volumes that she is flirting with you.
a. The most common gesture is playing with her hair, running her fingers through her hair or twirling her hair.
b. Exposing her neck by moving her hair off her neck and tilting her head
c. Mirroring your body movements and gestures
d. Crossing and uncrossing her legs to get your attention subtly
e. Stroking her arm or her thighs

# 6 Sign of Flirting
She moves around solitary
She will usually try to distance herself from her group of friends making an excuse about something. If she is by herself, she will try to spend unusually more time in a store or in a library. It is her way of saying that she would like you to walk up to her and talk to her.

# 7 Sign of Flirting
She approaches You
There can be no bigger give away than this. If she approaches you to talk, she is actually playing the male part here. She totally wants to get to know you more! Be calm at such times, nor should you act too desperate, neither should you be too stiff and closed. Look approachable, be relaxed and smile as you talk to her!

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