How to Start Flirting

E-Guide by: Melinda Cox
Place: Miami, USA

How to Start Flirting?
When you come across someone you find attractive, you will do 3 things:
1. Give out signs of being attracted yourself
You will do this subconsciously

2. Make an attempt to initiate flirting & indicate you are interested
Simple process, read below

3. Try to read signs if that someone is interested in flirting back
Need to develop this ability… explained further

How do you initiate flirting and indicate that you are interested?
The most recommended and effective method to initiate flirting is by using your eyes. Just gaze at the person briefly for a second with large eyes and immediately look away. If he/she looks back at you, maybe that person does find you interesting. If this game of gazing at each other continues for 3-4 times, you can safely assume that the person is interested in flirting with you.

The Key
Hold the eye contact a bit longer than a second and then look away after the first time your eyes have met. If you wish to take things further return a smile and look comfortable.

The Mistake
Do not stare for long! It makes the other person feel uncomfortable and it may appear you are desperate.

This is just a preliminary test to see if someone is flirting with their eyes. Exchanging looks between strangers is pretty common in our modern world. It may not necessarily mean that the other person wants to flirt with you beyond the eye game! Therefore, it would be wise if you watch out for other signs of flirting before you take the next step to avoid any kind of embarrassment.

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