Who Should You Flirt With ?

E-Guide by: Melinda Cox
Place: Miami, USA

Who Should You Flirt With?
Flirting can be fun and entertaining if your partner responds back with the same interest and intent. It can heighten your confidence and inner state of pride to know that you seem attractive and come across as interesting to somebody.

But, if someone responds in the negative, the effect too would be the exact opposite. It is therefore necessary who you approach and how you approach.

To begin with, you are free to move around and find absolutely anybody to flirt with (provided you stay within the framework of the social setting and etiquette!). But follow these tips to quicken your process and bring you faster results when deciding who are going to pursue.

a. Flirt with someone having the same level of attractiveness as you
Couples with the roughly the same level of attractiveness tend to be more compatible. Greater compatibility implies a longer successful relationship.

Surveys say that women tend to underestimate, whereas men overestimate themselves in the looks department. Women generally consider themselves less attractive to the opposite sex and men are less critical about their appearance. Therefore, if you are a woman, it would be wise to choose better looking men to flirt with and vice-versa for men!

b. Don’t flirt with someone who is not interested
Don’t be obsessed for attention from one person too much! Move on and hop onto another mate if you find someone responding in the negative. Else you are wasting your time, lowering your self-respect and losing out on the “real flirting moments” with someone who reciprocates favorably!

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