Signs of Flirting in Guys

E-Guide by: Melinda Cox
Place: Miami, USA

When a man is flirting with you, he will inevitably give off many signs which are very easy to read! Signs of flirting that men show are rather obvious as opposed to the subtle signs that women give out. So read carefully and sit back and enjoy the next time a guy is trying to flirt with you!

By the way, if you haven't gone through the preliminary eye contact test of flirting, you can find it here.

# 1 Sign of Flirting
He gives you the “Subconscious Triangular Look”
After your eyes have met his, he will give out the most typical flirty look. It is rather difficult to catch, but here’s what he’ll do. He will look at your eyes longer than normal, suddenly then move his sight to your lips further dropping to your chin and he’ll return back to your eyes. This look implies you have successfully attracted the man in him!

# 2 Sign of Flirting
He consciously checks you out
When he checks you out intently, it means he is trying to gauge if you make a suitable mate. He will scan you head to toe and then look at your body parts. Your feminine instincts will immediately tell you if he is just physically attracted or if he is searching for a romantic interest. At the end, if he smiles suggestively or makes an extended eye contact, he is searching for a romantic interest in you.

# 3 Sign of Flirting
His face speaks volumes of information
Look out for 3 things:
a. His Eyebrows – They will rise briefly for a fraction of a second and fall. It means he wants to talk you. Returning the gesture implies you are accepting his invitation.
b. His Nostrils & Lips – His nostrils will flare and his lips will part to make him look friendlier. Smiling back at him will convey your interest.
c. Touching his Face – Out of consciousness, he will touch his cheek, chin and ears.

# 4 Sign of Flirting
He stands in a typical “Cowboy Stance”
A typical Cowboy Stance is when he stands with his legs spread apart slightly more than normal and his thumb either hooked to his pocket or his belt. If he is standing this way and his body and feet are pointing in your direction, you can be sure he is trying to get your attention. Through this gesture the man in him is showing dominance, style and strength. Give him a sexy smile and check him out if you wish to flirt back!

# 5 Sign of Flirting
He tries to stand out in his group to impress you
He will try to speak and laugh loudly, try to put down other guys to show his alpha male nature, lean back in his chair or walk with his chest puffed out. These exaggerated gestures are meant to draw your attention towards him. You may acknowledge his presence by giving him cute looks now and then to make him feel you are flirting back.

# 6 Sign of Flirting
He will start preening himself
(Preening: devoting effort to making oneself look attractive)
The typical signs he will give away when he is trying to flirt with you are:
a. Flexing of his muscles
b. Running his fingers through his hair
c. Stroking his tie, smoothing his shirt or jeans
d. Exhibiting the Cowboy Stance
e. Pulling up his socks (biggest subconscious give away)
You can catch these gestures rather easily. You can give away some signs of flirting yourself to take things further.

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